Behind the Story

What's in the name?

Growing up in Melbourne , Australia, in the 90's there was a nightclub everyone met at. Every Melbournian who was of age at that time knew what it meant to "meet at Metro." It was the place to be. Even with three full floors of dancing maniacs, you seem to always find your friends.  Many-a- time we've said "Meet me at Metro.' And everybody knows what you're talking about.

The Logo-

We chose Saturn to signify our logo to identify with out -of- this world scope. We are universally connected, and what better way to connect than over coffee. No matter where you are from, a good strong coffee and good friends are things we all connect with.


Why Coffee?

Coffee is more than just a drink. It's a piece of artwork every time you take  it in. From the bean, to the way it's served, everything requires perfection. We love our coffee and we want to deliver an amazing experience every time.